Japan Cider Awards

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The Japan Cider Awards is Japan’s official international cider tasting competition and is sponsored by the Japan Cider Master Association and inCiderJapan G.K., with international entries managed by the latter.

Now in its third year, the event is held in conjunction with the Tokyo Cider Collection.

Two divisions: Tasting and Design

Ciders entered into the Tasting Division will be blind tasted by several teams of nonpartisan judges and evaluated according to their taste, appearance and aroma pursuant to the category entered into.

Ciders may also be entered into the Design Division. These will be graded by two groups, professional media and general public, with scores based on a set of criteria including visual impact, uniqueness, and appeal to the Japanese market.

Why Enter?


    Be officially recognized by a panel of judges that includes professionals in the Japanese food and beverage industry, many who will have prepared with a three-course (over three months) cider tasting seminar conducted by the Japan Cider Awards.


    Entries will be presented to importers of alcoholic beverages to Japan, a market which is now experiencing a quickly growing interest in international ciders. Feedback will also be given to entrants about their ciders and how they fared during the tasting competition.


    Entries into the Design Division are publicly displayed at the Tokyo Cider Collection and all winners' names and awards will be published in the autumn 2020 issue of inCiderJapan magazine, Asia's only bilingual publication dedicated to all things cider.